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Bodegas Fundador

Bodegas Fundador S.L.U.

C/ San Ildefonso Nº 3
956. 349966

Bodegas Fundador. Founded in 1730 in Jerez de la Frontera. Producer of Brandies FUNDADOR.
Bodegas Terry. Founded in 1865. Producer of Century-old Brandy Solera, Brandy Solera Reserva 1900 and Brandy Solera Gran Reserva Terry I.
The versatility and scale of Bodegas FUNDADOR have given the brand a wide spectrum of products that allow us to keep the tradition alive in new markets.

Fundador Exclusivo

Fundador Exclusivo is a mature brandy, with an intense amber colour and golden notes. To the nose it's rounded, strong, with aromas of wood soaked in sherry that all comes together after a long period of ageing. In the mouth it's balanced, full and subtly dry with a pleasant and long finish.

Tasting notes

Fundador Exclusivo is a Brandy Solera Gran Reserva of shiny mahogany colour and greenish amber hints. To the nose it's rounded, rich in noble wooden aromas, complex and evolved after lengthy Oxidative ageing, with sweet notes of vanilla, honey and toffee. To the tongue it's warm, balanced, full, extremely suave and dry, with caramilized notes; completed with a wave of toasted wooden hints soaked in Oloroso and nuts to give a long finish.

Serving suggestions

Consumption: As a digestive at the end of a meal served with a coffee and chocolate.
Preferred Consumption: Can be drunk straight away and kept according to what is indicated below. Once opened, keep in a cool place and consume within three months.
Storing the Bottle: In a cool place (15º - 17º C) standing vertically.

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