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The Consejo Regulador

The Guarantee

The production of Jerez Brandy must conform both to the relevant European legislation – in particular Regulation (CE) No. 110/2008 of the European Parliament and the Council of the 15th January relating to the definition, designation, presentation, labelling and protection of the Geographical Indication of Spirit Drinks – and the corresponding Spanish legislation, especially Law 2/2011 of the 25th March on the quality of agro-alimentary and fishing products in Andalucía, and the Royal Decree 164/2014 of the 14th March which establishes complementary regulations for the production, designation, presentation and labelling of specific spirit drinks.

In addition to these regulations of a general character, brandies belonging to the Protected Geographical Indication “Jerez Brandy” must comply with everything stipulated in the corresponding Technical Measures, and the bodegas which produce them must comply with everything laid down in the Regulations of the Denomination.

The Consejo Regulador is the authority responsible for ensuring the observance of these regulations and thus certifying the quality of brandies belonging to the Denomination “Brandy de Jerez”. It is a legally constituted body formed by representatives from the bodegas and its principal functions are the management, representation and defence of Jerez Brandy.

The Consejo’s guarantee can be seen in the form of the seal of the Denomination of Origin which is attached to every bottle of Jerez Brandy.

The Consejo Regulador is the authority responsible for ensuring the observance of the regulations, thus certifying the quality of brandies belonging to the Denomination “Brandy de Jerez”

Social Responsibility

The Consejo Regulador of Jerez Brandy was a co-founder of the Alcohol and Society Foundation, created with the purpose of collaborating with society in the search for integral solutions covering all matters related to alcoholic beverages. This commitment stems from the need to tackle this matter objectively and produce realistic and viable solutions rather than a demagogic approach.

With the purpose of becoming the nerve centre of the different social collectives, the Foundation is a centre for rigorous and reliable study and reflection, and thanks to its experience and research serves to support and direct all the other social services which are committed to this important concern. Furthermore, the Foundation will, after analysing the social situation, conduct specific campaigns to alleviate the effects of irresponsible consumption of alcoholic beverages and promote non consumption to the higher risk groups (young people, drivers, pregnant women, those who are ill…)

The collaboration of all parties involved (administration, non-governmental organisations, parents, trades unions, political representatives, the scientific community and, of course, the brandy industry itself) is the best way to guarantee the success of any initiative undertaken to establish healthy lifestyle, eradicate the consumption of alcoholic beverages among high risk groups and establish projects and preventative campaigns which will permit us to achieve these objectives. The collaboration of everyone, without exception, favours the success of any such initiative.

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