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An Introduction


Brandy is a spirit drink with an alcoholic strength of between 36 and 45 degrees (ᴼ) obtained from the distillation of wine and aged in oak barrels.

It is the raw materials from which it is distilled which fundamentally differentiate brandy from other distilled drinks, and it could be considered the noblest of all being distilled from wine, as against the barley, molasses or potatoes used in the production of other spirits.

"Clarete is the liquor for boys, Port for men, but he aspires to be a hero must drink Brandy"
- Samuel Johnson

Alcoholic Drinks

Amongst the diverse range of alcoholic drinks, there are three notable types: Beers, which are made by the fermentation of cereals; Wines, which are made from the fermentation of grape juice; and Spirits. The latter is obtained by the distillation of various natural fermented products of agricultural origin.

By applying heat, the evaporation and later concentration of alcohol and other volatile substances contained in fermented beverages can be achieved. There is, thus, a wide variety of spirits according to their origin, their ageing, and their strength.

The "Sherry Effect"

Jerez Brandy is different from other brandies because it has its own singular organoleptic properties which result from its traditional process of production, the characteristics of the oak barrels in which it is aged and naturally also the local climatic conditions of the place of its birth, the Sherry Zone.

The role of the wood used is particularly important during the process of ageing. Jerez Brandy is aged in American oak barrels with a capacity of 500 litres which have previously been seasoned with one of the traditional styles of Sherry (Fino, Amontillado, Oloroso, Pedro Ximénez etc.).  These are the famous Sherry “butts”. 

Gonzalez Byass Brandy de Jerez
Brandy de Jerez is aged in barrels made of American oak.
Brandy de Jerez

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