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The Brandy de Jerez Experience

by BRANDY DE JEREZ, 29 November 2015
Fifteen days of celebration of Brandy de Jerez took place recently in Madrid. This innovative project saw the leading establishments of the capital welcome the Brandy de Jerez Experience to bring to public attention the many possibilities of this noble spirit.

Over 200 professionals from the catering and wine trade attended a showroom organised by the Consejo Regulador at Madrid’s leading wine store Lavinia. More than 20 Premium brands from the most prestigious bodegas were available for tasting. During the next 14 days, top restaurants and bars proved just how versatile Brandy de Jerez is. 

Wine merchants Lavinia, Santa Cecilia, Reserva y Cata, Vino Premier and Mares Vino held tastings and special promotions, allowing the public the opportunity to try some of the great Soleras Gran Reserva. On the restaurant front, Álbora, Arce, Corral de la Morería, García de la Navarra, Lavinia, Palo Cortado, Piñera and Surtopía also collaborated with the Consejo matching Brandy de Jerez with food. 

Among the top bodegas present were Barbadillo, Emilio Hidalgo, González Byass, José Estévez, Rey Fernando de Castilla, Sánchez Romate, Tradición and Williams & Humbert. 

Brandy de Jerez is a unique and exclusive drink which, unlike whisky, rum or gin, is made entirely from the distillation of wine, something that confers on it its extraordinary quality. It can only be aged in the “Sherry Triangle” formed by the three towns of Jerez, El Puerto de Santa María and Sanlúcar de Barrameda. Here the spirit ages in butts which have previously held Sherry for many years in the traditional solera system. 

Brandy de Jerez Solera Gran Reserva has an average age of 10 years 

Each Brandy de Jerez offers different nuances according to the type of wine which had seasoned the butts – fresh and dry notes if they had held Fino, elegant and Sherry-like if they had held Oloroso or sweet and complex if they had held Pedro Ximénez. This way their extraordinary aromatic richness and versatility is achieved which offers a complete spectrum of possibilities for drinking it with or without food.

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